So, what is it about me that makes me different to many Creative professionals all over the web?

The difference is that I am not for only producing pretty designs, I create a personality for your product and company.

Looks good on paper, but what exactly is that?

Well, I am a conceptual thinker. This means that while others can show you trendy, modern designs, I care about creating something original that is fully aligned with your company and your product in such a way that your clients will recognize you over your competitors. Something to be remembered. That is what I do.

Now that you know what kind of professional I am. Let me introduce myself a little bit better:

My name is Emilio Cid. I am an Art Director and Copywriter. A conceptual professional above all. I have lived and worked in different cities around the world, including London, Bogota, Barcelona and Tarragona.

I have had the opportunity to carry out freelance work for a variety of direct clients and I have also worked for graphic design studios and advertising agencies, such as Publicis and PUIG. While working at Publicis CB, I had the honour to be one of the Creative professionals from the team to receive the award of Agency of the Year.

I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Advertising and a postgraduate degree in Visual Design Communication at The London College of Communication, in the UK. One of my electives was a campaign against human trafficking. A non-profit campaign in collaboration with The London Metropolitan Police and the UK Home Office. The posters from this campaign have stayed on display from 2006 up to the present day at all major UK Airports. It also appeared on the BBC News TV and website.

Do I have a normal life?

Yes, same as you. I have hobbies and free time. I like reading articles about design, UX design, advertising, technology, history, sports and sometimes politics. I also like watching movies and series. Doing sports like football, basketball, running, swimming, surfing (still struggling in it) and others. Listening old school music like grunge, heavy metal, blues, sometimes funk and jazz. And of course, classical music specially when I am working. I am not a vegan, sorry my green friends. I have tried, I swear. However, I am an ecologist. I like things to be fair. Kind of idealistic person, I know. I like drinking good wine or cold tasty beers. Well, easy to find those in Spain.

Now that you know a little bit more about me. Tell me about you.