First Experiences!


Why do we complain so much in our job?

Most of the time, it’s because of some sort of particular clients. Since I have been working in Graphic Design and Advertising I have met all kinds of clients, some that we love, because they believe in their goals and we share a common purpose and others that we prefer to avoid as much as possible. These are: The Horrible Clients.

When we try to understand these clients the conclusion is that they don’t know what they want or they have a fixed idea, impossible to be changed. I have attempted to classify them, according to my experience and that of my colleagues and friends.

The frustrated creative



The Creative

Usually, he/she is new in the company that contacted you. They want to accomplish many goals for their new boss. Being an optimist, you want a good long relationship with them. Everything looks good and they brief you with a simple job to start. You complete a first approach and suddenly, he/she starts to change everything little by little without a good explanation.

Ok, you have to agree and change it. And they come again, and again, and again, asking you to modify something more until you finish with that kind of crap completely awful. You realised that you have become nothing more than a copy and paste person. Finally the deadline comes and the project is ready for printing.

However, at the last minute, someone from the same company have a last look to the work and he/she doesn’t like it, and decide to make some changing with the printer, something quickly, something that can be done on a download template from the internet.

Everything just because the frustrate creative client missed the chance to work in advertising or graphic design and thinks all is allright without knowing what is good or bad design or what is stupid or smart advertising.


The Dreamer


Usually is the owner. At least he/she could be a good client. The company needs to start a new campaign and they want it all. You get in touch with him/her and they want as much media coverage as possible. Your expectations are high since you are already thinking this is going to be a good long relationship with the company.

You start working, thinking of plenty of ideas, looking for different samples of media. Finally you make a good presentation with some possible outcomes according to the briefing.

Then, the numbers come out and the client’s financial department has a different idea of what is relevant for them.

So after all your effort, and even though the owner likes the campaign, he/she is not in touch with you anymore. Just a little part of the campaign that you have proposed is going to be executed but you will never know if they could afford it or not.

The Others

Those are the worst. They think that everything is a simple drawing made in a local printing shop, where they go for their business cards. They believe a corporate identity and an advertising campaign are just as relevant as something in supermarket checklist.

All those are clients that are not looking for a creative agency or studio or a good freelance worker with some successful campaigns or projects in the past. They’re just looking for someone who knows how to use a graphic design software to do what they have in mind not what their consumers need. All, of course, at the minimum price.

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