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Medical Experience First

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Jun 2020
Jul 2020


Medical Experience First is a new health research community that conducts medical-pharmaceutical surveys. Clients are patients, caregivers, doctors and specialized nurses. The purpose of the website is to facilitate customers being able to participate in research studies while getting paid for it. More importantly, to explain to them that the company will not use their personal data for any other reason than for the research.

Business Requirements


Currently there are less than a handful of companies specializing in health research that have a website dedicated exclusively to recruit patients, caregivers, doctors and nurses. Besides that not having a presence in social networks. So we were starting from scratch.


Design all branding and the website. The most important thing for the company is to remind its users that their personal information is completely anonymous.


Design a completely new brand that includes name, logo, website content and social networks that is friendly, reliable and modern. In addition, the website should be connected with social networking, easy to navigate by the users, and easy to update by the client. In addition to work with CMS.

Web Interaction & Social Media

Navigation is easy to use. This streamlines the user experience and helps eliminate confusion that may arise.

To maintain a campaign unit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have similar headers. Also we are using part of the logo design and colours for posting news and announcements in all of their social media. We also keep updating and writing all the content of the website and the statements of the social networks.

We are thus confident that the elements of the Medical Experience First brand would create trust + affinity and therefore increase the chances of new registered users.

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