The London Metropolitan Police

Skills: Advertising
Client: The London Metropolitan Police

Art Direction

The London Metropolitan Police and the UK Home Office campaign against human trafficking. I wanted that one of my elective from my post graduate degree at the London College of Communication should be a non-profit campaign. The human trafficking in the UK was my decision. I contacted directly with the officers in charge of the operation against human trafficking at The London Metropolitan Police. These 2 posters have been the result of the work with them and two great colleagues: Vineet Raheja as the Copywriter and Christian Sinibaldi, as the Photographer, The posters are displayed in many British airports and coach stations. They have been translated into 6 different languages. We were so glad to see that all of our effort has been so successful and we get an acknowledgment from the Metropolitan Police Department. The original link from the news is gone. However I keep a screenshot of it.

English original versions

Russian versions