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UI UX Design

Architecture Studio

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Web Dev & AD
May 2021
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UI UX Requirements

User Needs

Who are your users?

Other professionals, big clients, local government, institutions and small clients that need architectural services.

What do they expect?

To see which projects has been done.
To find out the experience of the firm.
To get inspired.
To contact the firm for a new project.
To invite the firm for a competition.

Why do those things matter to them?

To be sure about the reliability of the firm.
To compare to other companies/competitors.
To share with colleagues and friends.
To follow new projects from the firm.

Identifying Business Goals

What does the business need from the website?

It need to be informative, modern, easy to navigate and easy to update.

Who are the stakeholders for the project?

The owners of the architecture studio.

What are the business’s goals and desired outcomes, and how will they be measured?

Business’s goals are bring visitors to the website and generate new contracts. To measure we will check company's social media results regarding if the content is been sharing or liking.

Who is the customer, and why will they use the website?

Customers are possible clients, alumni, other colleagues, government institutions, big companies.

What industry standards or regulations should influence what we design or build?

We need to show always real successful projects since it is architecture, no fictional ideas.

Who are the competing organisations, products and services — both direct and indirect?

Direct: Other architecture studios in the same city.

Indirect: Other studios all over the country and other parts of the world.

How will we differentiate this website and its content from what they’re doing?

It will inform their existence and their projects.